Why Credit Isn’t Ideal

All you ever hear about is people need a good credit score. Everyone expects college student to have a credit card, to go ahead and start building credit so they can buy a car and a house in the future.

Something important to know is that you actually DON’T need a credit score to doing those things. The key is to be able to save enough of your money to pay in full cash. I know, that sounds crazy, paying a down payment for a car in cash? It seems impossible, but that’s why it’s so important to go ahead and start saving now.

Taking out loans will hurt you in the long run, because as soon as you’ve spent the money in a few months or even days, you’ll spend the next 10-15 years trying to pay the interest back.

Take your time with credit cards, you may find you don’t need them in the first place.


*picture from google images

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