Thrifty Thoughts


I’m sure you all knew this was coming on a budget blog…THRIFTING.

Of course I’m not going to leave it out! Why? Because it’s truly the biggest money saver ever.

As I always say, “One man’s treasure that he took to Goodwill is another man’s treasure that he bought for $1.88”

Seriously, it’s a life-saver. If the thought of wearing someone else’s clothes or shoes freaks you out to no end, I totally understand! It’s not for everyone…but there is something for everyone if you look hard enough.

Something I found really awesome is that before I knew what all I could find thrifting, my house was bare. I had no decorations, no curtains, no vases for flowers, nothing at all! That’s when my eyes were opened to the Home Goods section of thrift stores.

Vases that I know I saw at Target just weeks ago for $34 are here for EIGHTY-FOUR CENTS. Was I dreaming?? Nope, just in the glorious aisles of the Salvation Army.

So now, my room has curtains, I have new-to-me pot and pans that are in great shape, plenty of pictures and paintings hung in my apartment, and I never broke the bank.

You never know what you’ll find, but you’ll always find something. Now go pop some tags with that $20 in your pocket.

Happy thrifting!


*image from google images


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