There’s An App For That


Everything is easier in the palm of your hand, right? Well, there are some great apps to help you manage your money!!

  • – Price: FREE – This app links up to your bank account and keeps track of your spending!
  • GoodBudget – Price: FREE – This is a great for those who are just starting out on budgeting. It has an envelope system, just like the one I’ve mentioned before!
  • Mvelopes – Price: FREE – This app helps you think about long-term money spending.
  • BillGuard – Price: FREE – Helps you understand spending habits and protects your card info!
  • Pocket Expense – Price: FREE – (iPhone only) Tracks your spending before it helps you create a budget.
  • Expensify – Price: FREE – Helps you save receipts and catch up with spending habits.
  • Groupon – Price: FREE – Gathers food, restaurant, travel, and everything in-between coupons for great deals!


*image from Google images


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