Make the Dollar Store Your Friend


I have a love-hate relationship with the Dollar Store. Love: everything is $1. Duh. Hate: They sell frozen foods? Why would you even…no. Dangerous.

Although I wouldn’t buy everything they sell in that store, you can grab some really great items there for- you guessed it- one dollar.

Wine glasses– You wouldn’t believe the quality of these things. I’ve had them for three years and not one has broken or fallen apart.

MUGS– Holy crap this place has got so many mugs. I am the biggest tea & coffee junkie, so this was my save haven. On the bright side, if your roommate shatters one, your heart isn’t broken because you only spent $1! (That they will be paying you back…)

Canned foods – Even though I wouldn’t suggest eating the frozen meals (seriously steer clear, you have been warned) the name brand canned foods will be great! Double check your dates on the cans, and you can get great deals on Campbell’s soups, Green Giant veggies, and Dole fruits.

Gift Boxes & Bags – That stuff gets ripped apart anyway, why spend a fortune? Plus, the gift is the important part!

Small Trash Cans – No one wants to spend ten bucks on a trash can. So, don’t! I bought one for my room, the living room, the bathroom, and my roommate’s room!

Napkins – They are for one purpose: getting gross. Then you toss ’em. Don’t splurge here.

Stretch that dollar like never before!

*image from google images


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