How to Go Out, Not Go Broke


So it’s that time of the week where you’re dying to go out! Treat yo self, you’ve been saving money and really got this budget thing under wraps.

Wondering the easiest way to go out to eat with friends but not spend all your dough?

Try these tips!

  1. Order an appetizer for a meal! Most places give such huge helpings, it’s plenty to fill you up.
  2. Order water. Always. It’s the cheapest way to go!
  3. Just dessert! Not feeling super hungry? Just grabbing dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth and make sure you’re under budget.
  4. Order 3-4 sides! Chances are, the combination of the massive sides will some out cheaper than an expensive meal!
  5. Split the tip! Splitting the tip with friends makes it even for everyone, and your waitress will be happy she served you.

Good luck!!


*photo form google images


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