How to be a Cheap Date

Dating in college is *usually* awesome. Getting to do whatever you want with your best friend in a town away from home is great! When you’re first together, you go all out. Dinner every week at a different restaurant, going to the movies, buying each other little gifts, it’s all in good fun. That is, until you can’t afford it any more.

Sure, Netlfix on the couch is fun for a while, but when you’ve binge watched 9 seasons of The Office and 10 seasons of  Friends in less than a month, you might be ready to try something else.

Some people like to push free dates, but that isn’t always possible. Looking for cheap date ideas is a lot less frustrating and a lot more doable.

Here are some cool things you can try on a budget:

  1. Picnic in the Park! (weather permitting, unless you like soggy food) – If it’s a sunny, warm-but-not-too-warm day outside, find a park to eat lunch together! It doesn’t matter if you make PB&J or if you swing through the McDonald’s drive-thru, as long as you’ve got a blanket and food, you’re set!
  2. Head to the animal shelter! – If neither of you have pet allergies, going to the animal shelter and playing with cats & dogs is a great date + stress reliever! (p.s. this one is totally free…unless you leave with a new member of the family!)
  3. Explore downtown together! – Something my fiancé and I love to do is see what our little town has to offer. We love finding new coffee shops, window shopping in stores, and just taking in the rustic view. It’s so much fun to take an adventure you wouldn’t normally do.
  4. Go hiking!- Even if you two aren’t super athletic, there are beginner trails that can take you to incredible views. Sitting on top of the world for a few hours can be super romantic and beautiful!
  5. Mini-golf! – This is a totally underrated date that movies and shows have made fun of. Putt-putt is super cheap, and most places offer a student discount! It’s a great way to get out of the house and do something different.
  6. Beer/Wine Tastings! – Most of the time, wineries and breweries offer free tasting tours. This is a unique way to find your favorite wine/beer & hang out with your sweetie!
  7. Cook for each other! – Take turns one night a week to make each other a home cooked meal. In college, this is something we don’t get enough of, so it’s a perfect date night idea!
  8. Redbox + Pizza! – Grab a cheap pizza, a comedy from Redbox and you are good to go.
  9. Find *cheap or free* local concerts to go to! – Check out local coffeeshops & outdoor amphitheaters to see who’s coming to town! Even if they suck, you made good memories.
  10. Take a class together! – A lot of times, community colleges or other public places will offer different classes for cheap or even free. Take things like cooking, painting, pottery, the possibilities are endless.

Happy dating! ❤cPFmWatr4nZwTyx7Uf24zmoeJIMkqPz_CQ1j_vE_PFM,xc4I8OaWozlbh4H5a4iswVxKKjensYyVs94Y7gqNx7A,E91l1QYZDdQMg3INlKYUBxKoGnbiGXRVxEkSV3UkK8A

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