Cheap Hobbies


When you’re into things like music, books, art, it can get super expensive.

Who says you have to let go of those things because you don’t have the extra fundage?

In my first year of college, I was bored out of my mind. I wasn’t really involved in any clubs because I was taking gen ed classes, and the majority of my days were spent sitting around.

So, I bought myself a ukulele for $30 on Amazon. I couldn’t afford lessons, so YouTube was my teacher. Now, I have something to do every day with my time.

If you’re into books, the library is obviously a first free choice. However, a local coffeeshop called Willow Tree has a bookstore right in the shop. Of course you can buy them, but sitting in their cozy seats is just as good, and free!

Making your hobbies something you love to do is easy. Doing them for free isn’t as easy, but it’s 100% doable!


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