Fun Money


In the last post, we talked about what the foundation of your journey was- setting a budget for yourself. We had four categories: gas, groceries, savings, and Fun Money. Since the first three are pretty self- explanatory, going more in depth about what Fun Money is is necessary!

When you first start changing your spending habits, it’s not without a challenge. Changing any habit is hard, just ask someone who’s tried to quit smoking. That’s why the Fun Money category exists. You may be thinking, “Well gosh, Fun Money isn’t very specific, I could use that for anything!” And, hey! You’re right!

Fun Money can be whatever you can think of that you love spending your cash flow on.

For me, that’s restaurants, clothes, and shoes. I love eating out with my friends, its our favorite social thing to do together. As for clothes and shoes, unlike my fiancé, I would rather spend my money on a new sweater than *another* PlayStation controller. (Although we spend many date nights playing together..nerdy couples are the best!)

Until you start getting into the rhythm and flow of getting your budget together, your Fun Money is anything you want it to be. Just make sure your set amount is reasonable! Don’t blow your gas money on Olive Garden, then bum $20 off your mom again.

It won’t be a walk in the park, but baby steps are the most important steps!

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