College On A Budget


What’s the one word that every college student cringes at when they hear it?


Shhh, we don’t even want to talk about it- unless you’re talking about giving a free loan. So, what’s the best way to survive when you’re always ending your two-weeks between paychecks with 55 cents in your bank account? That’s what I’m here to teach you. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and the biggest thing is how to handle your funds without blowing them. Believe it or not, I eat out with friends, buy clothes and shoes, AND have money to save for my future.

Your first step on this journey to stress-free living is a big one, but it’s your firm foundation. You have to create a budget. Giving each dollar a place is the most efficient way to make sure you’re safe and secure.

You can start small, by splitting your income into a few categories:

  1. Gas
  2. Groceries
  3. Savings
  4. Fun Money

Doing this emphasizes that you’re using this money for a specific purpose, and it stops you from frittering it away. But, you have to be sure to stick to it! Even if you’re only saving $5/two weeks, that’s better than none at all, and you’ll get to watch your savings grow!

Stick around to see what your “Fun Money” category includes!


*photo from google images



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